Frank Zappa - Cruising With Ruben and the Jets

Frank Zappa - Cruising With Ruben and the Jets

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Originally Released: November 1968 
Produced by: FZ
Executive Producer: Tom Wilson 


01. Cheap Thrills 2:20
02. Love Of My Life 3:17
03. How Could I Be Such A Fool 3:33
04. Deseri 2:04
05. I’m Not Satisfied 3:59
06. Jelly Roll Gum Drop 2:17
07. Anything 3:00
08. Later That Night 3:04
09. You Didn't Try To Call Me 3:53
10. Fountain Of Love 2:57
11. “No. No. No.” 2:27
12. Anyway The Wind Blows 2:56
13. Stuff Up The Cracks 4:29


This is an album of greasy love songs & cretin simplicity. We made it because we* really like this kind of music (just a bunch of old men with rock & roll clothes on sitting around the studio mubling about the good old days**). Ten years from now you'll be sitting around with your friends some place doing the same thing if there's anything left to sit on.

The Mothers of Invention:

Ray Collins: Lead Vocals 
FZ: Low Grumbles, Oo-wah and Lead Guitar
Roy Estrada: High Weazlings, Dwaedy-doop & Electric Bass
Jimmy Carl Black and/or Arthur Dyer Tripp III: Lewd Pulsating Rhythm
Ian Underwood or Don Preston: Redundant Piano Triplets
Motorhead Sherwood: Baritone Sax & Tambourine 
Bunk Gardner and Ian Underwood: Tenor and Alto Saxs 

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