Edward Ka-Spel - The Scriptures Of Illumina

Edward Ka-Spel - The Scriptures Of Illumina

  • 2000


1993.Picture this. It's a glorious Summer day but EK is inside with only Sabine's dog ,Skoi, to keep him company.

An old friend, Sabine, had asked him and Elke to look after her house (and hound) for a week while she went on holiday.
On this sunny afternoon , EK is strumming an out-of-tune acoustic guitar. Skoi seems to object and HOWLS (a lot). The howls are recorded, as the would-be guitarist runs around the room ,followed by one small dog.

Then it's overdub time....Ballbearings are rolled across the wooden floor .Skoi takes a rest.
Then there's the vocal part...EK seems annoyed by a record company.

In retrospect, it's a little embarassing (said label really wasn't THAT BAD). However they made it clear that they didn't like LPDs' "Shadow Weaver", and childish as it may seem, criticism goes down very badly with the singer .Consquently, the lyrics are painfully vitriolic.

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