Frank Zappa - Roxy By Proxy

Frank Zappa - Roxy By Proxy

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The Zappa Family Trust offered a license to individuals granting them the rights to manufacture and sell this cd.

We bought one of the licenses.

Musically, the cd is 75 minutes of previously unreleased music from the runs of shows that begat 'Roxy and Elsewhere'.

Label: Zappa Records

Catalog Number: ZR 20017

Produced/Composed/Arranged/ Performed by FRANK ZAPPA


1.Carved In The Rock 3:42
2. Inca Roads 8:21
3. Penguin In Bondage 5:52
4. T’Mershi Duween 1:56
5. Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat 4:14
6. RDNZL 5:23
7. Village Of The Sun 3:24
8. Echidna’s Arf (Of You) 4:00
9. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing 5:28
10. Cheepnis – Percussion 5:24
11. Cheepnis 3:35
12. Dupree’s Paradise 15:12
13. King Kong/Chunga’s Revenge/Mr. Green Genes 9:13

The disc is factory pressed with a 32 page booklet featuring track by track comments from Ruth Underwood !

In fact, the cd is identical in every way to the ZFT release except we were allowed to do whatever we wanted with the disc face.

Our version uses art designed for us by David Tibet.

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