Jandek - London Tuesday

Jandek - London Tuesday

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London Tuesday is a live album by Jandek released in 2008. It is Jandek's 55th release.

The album was recorded on 18 October 2005 at St Giles in the Fields, London, England.

This performance was the first to feature Jandek playing solo acoustic guitar, and, in a similar manner to the presentation of Glasgow Monday, is an 8-part piece, entitled "No Mind Was A Good Mind".

The song "Part Three" is of particular interest, as it makes a number of direct references to the characters and themes of "Naked in the Afternoon", the first song on Jandek's 1978 debut album, Ready for the House.


No Mind was a Good Mind

  1. Part One (9:25)
  2. Part Two (7:19)
  3. Part Three (6:59)
  4. Part Four (8:05)
  5. Part Five (7:25)
  6. Part Six (7:19)
  7. Part Seven (9:35)
  8. Part Eight (11:04)

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