Sigh - Graveward

Sigh - Graveward

  • 1300


01. Kaedit Nos Pestis
02. Graveward
03. The Tombfiller
04. The Forlorn
05. The Molesters Of My Soul
06. Out Of the Grave
07. The Trial By The Dead
08. The Casketburner
09. A Messenger From Tomorrow
10. Dwellers In Dream

For over two decades, SIGH has been transcending the confines of extreme metal. Forged in 1989 in Tokyo, Japan, the band was initially signed by Euronymous' infamous Deathlike Silence Records on which they released their debut full-length, "Scorn Defeat", in 1993. SIGH would go on to release records via various imprints including Cacophonous, Century Media, Baphomet and The End before making Candlelight their label home with the release of 2012's crushing, critically adored "In Somniphobia" and 2015's "Graveward".


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